How do I select the right starting corral?

Essentially, you will be lined up according to your projected pace. Faster runners will be up front, joggers in the middle corrals, and walkers will be lined up in the back. When signing up, you can use the dropdown menu to select a corral and see the pace requirement.

The reason behind this is to ensure a safe, comfortable course for all participants. Please be considerate here when determining your corral. A few notes:

-If you are unsure of your exact pace, no worries! Simply choose a slower pace (or even one of the walking corrals). As you train during the winter/spring and realize your expected pace, you can easily log-in to RunSignUp to manage your corral selection!

-Teams do not have to select the same corral. Each person on a team can choose their own corral to start with. If on race day you decide you all want to start together, simply start with the lowest corral. For example, if you have someone in corral A, someone in corral B, and someone in corral C that all want to start together, everyone should start with corral C!

-If race morning arrives and you decide you want to take the course a little slower, simply drop back into one of the later corrals. The overall idea is to match people to the proper corral based on how fast or slow they want to go come race morning. If everyone helps out and abides by this, the course should be super smooth!

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